Podcast featuring new Disclosure material
You can check out this podcast, made by Biomek & Demanufacturer!

This is a promotional mix for Industrial Propaganda, for a new release featuring Biomek, Demanufacturer, Embrionyc and Zeta Reticuli.

But, guess what?! It also contains three new Disclosure tracks. More on that soon!

Download here!

00: Clint Mansell - Leaving Earth (Mass Effect 3 Intro)
01: The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind (Ad Noiseam)
02: Demanufacturer & Embrionyc - One Drop Of Mercury (Disclosure Recordings)
03: Biomek & Embrionyc - The Sound Of... (Disclosure Recordings)
04: Cubic Nomad Feat. The Relic - Walker (Dark. Descent.)
05: Embrionyc as Data Mining - Pattern Recognition (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
06: Embrionyc vs. Demanufacturer vs. Biomek - TBA (Disclosure Recordings)
07: Demanufacturer - Anti-Spiral (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
08: Biomek - Realm Of Existence (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
09: The Outside Agency vs. Mindustries - The Immobilizer VIP (Genosha Recordings)
10: Demanufacturer - The Only Way (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
11: Stormtrooper - A Part Of You Remains (Love Hz)
12: Cubic Nomad - Bunker Soldiers (Dark. Descent.)
13: Moleculez Feat. Embrionyc - Saturn Breaks Apart (Dark. Descent)
14: Dulce Liquido - Shock Therapy (Out Of Line Music)
15: The Outside Agency - 740MHz: Inertial Overtone (Genosha Recordings)
Third Disclosure released available now!

The third Disclosure-release is available starting today!

If you wish to buy it, you can do so right here:


DISCLOSE003 Video Trailer!

The first video-trailer of DISCLOSE003 has been released!


The third release of Disclosure Recordings has been finalised. Currently we're working on a new videotrailer for this new release, so you can hear what the next release will be!

In other news, we have officially launched the Disclosure Recordings webshop! You can click on the above image to go to the store directly, or you can click on Webshop at the top of the page so see an integrated version of the shop.

Check back soon to see the videotrailer for DISCLOSE003!
Harder & Louder Podcast #17 featuring Disclosure Recordings tracks!
There's a new Harder & Louder podcast featuring Biomek and Demanufacturer that contains some Disclosure Recordings tracks.

Harder & Louder Website


01. Syndemic Searching
02. Cubic Nomad Paradox Lost
03. Biomek Nightkin
04. Mindustries Therapy
05. Speakerdeamon Witchkiller
06. Sei2ure Chainsaw
07. Mindustries The Arrival
08. Necrarch No Hope In Chaos
09. Deathmachine Imitations
10. Biomek Season Unending
11. Mental Wreckage & Syndemic Out of Light
12. Biomek & Demanufacturer Soulpurgers
13. The Outside Agency & Ophidian Scattered
14. Demanufacturer The Esper
15. Matt Green Bi-Polar
16. Mono-Amine Esoteric Freak
17. N-Vitral Welcome To The Killzone
18. Biomek Top of the Food Chain
19. Switch Technique & Mindustries Bone Grinder
20. The Outside Agency The Price Is Right
21. Biomek Dawnbreaker
22. Switch Technique & Deathmachine In The Dark
23. The Outside Agency, Peter Kurten & Katharsys Favorite Sin
24. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure Undermind
25. Biomek Black Sacrament
26. The Outside Agency Our Fear (outro)
DISCLOSE002 is out NOW!
We are proud to announce that the second release of DR is available as of RIGHT NOW.

A very diverse 4-tracker brought to you by Speakerdeamon! Check out the trailer and if you wish to buy it you can find it on many digital webstores!
Second Disclosure-release!
The second Disclosure-release is on it's way! In nearly two weeks an amazing Speakerdeamon 4-tracker will hit the market!

Here are some previews: