Podcast featuring new Disclosure material
Posted by Biomek on July 01 2013 08:38:25
You can check out this podcast, made by Biomek & Demanufacturer!

This is a promotional mix for Industrial Propaganda, for a new release featuring Biomek, Demanufacturer, Embrionyc and Zeta Reticuli.

But, guess what?! It also contains three new Disclosure tracks. More on that soon!

Download here!

00: Clint Mansell - Leaving Earth (Mass Effect 3 Intro)
01: The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind (Ad Noiseam)
02: Demanufacturer & Embrionyc - One Drop Of Mercury (Disclosure Recordings)
03: Biomek & Embrionyc - The Sound Of... (Disclosure Recordings)
04: Cubic Nomad Feat. The Relic - Walker (Dark. Descent.)
05: Embrionyc as Data Mining - Pattern Recognition (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
06: Embrionyc vs. Demanufacturer vs. Biomek - TBA (Disclosure Recordings)
07: Demanufacturer - Anti-Spiral (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
08: Biomek - Realm Of Existence (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
09: The Outside Agency vs. Mindustries - The Immobilizer VIP (Genosha Recordings)
10: Demanufacturer - The Only Way (Industrial Propaganda Recordings)
11: Stormtrooper - A Part Of You Remains (Love Hz)
12: Cubic Nomad - Bunker Soldiers (Dark. Descent.)
13: Moleculez Feat. Embrionyc - Saturn Breaks Apart (Dark. Descent)
14: Dulce Liquido - Shock Therapy (Out Of Line Music)
15: The Outside Agency - 740MHz: Inertial Overtone (Genosha Recordings)